NYC | The Best Cure for a Hangover…Brunch

Since I’ve moved to my new apartment, I’ve actually only been to brunch (gasp) twice. Before you shun me and say I am not a real New Yorker, please understand that I was out of town a few weekends early on and the rest of the weekends I have eaten my own homemade just-add-water Bisquick pancakes. They are pretty legit, I will not lie, but the past two Sundays I have ventured out and treated myself to some even more glorious eats.

One of our favorite places near the apartment is Eatery (53rd and 9th). My roomie and I have been there for dinner a few times already and Nicole had gone a couple weekends ago for brunch, so we tried it again last weekend. The wait was an hour as we had a group of five, but it was well worth it. Nicole and her cousins each got a bloody mary, Nicole’s boyfriend, Dave, ordered a guava mimosa (which he was quite embarrassed to drink because it was hot pink) and I got a pretty orange/pink pomegranate mimosa. The drinks were large and delicious banana mini muffins were brought out when we ordered.

I love a sweet breakfast so I of course ordered the Stuffed French Toast – stuffed with chocolate-banana cream cheese filling and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was to dieeeeeee for, BUT I really surprised myself because as I went around the table trying everyone else’s dishes, I actually liked Nicole’s meal the best. I plan on getting it the next time I go to brunch there – Scrambled Egg White Tortilla – with organic cracked wheat salad, sweet corn, queso fresco and salsa verde. Although I am also very tempted to try the Corn Flake Crusted French Toast.  Maybe I will just get both.

This morning (okay, afternoon), my cousin Emily and I traveled over to Elephant and Castle (Greenwich Avenue at the intersection of 7th Ave and 11th St) in search of their Eggs ‘N Apples Benedict on French Toast with Bacon, because Emily’s friend has described it as “if I could marry one meal, this would be it.” After a review like that, how could you possibly resist?  


The real dilemma right now is what to have for dinner – the other half of my Eggs Benedict from brunch or the House-made Ravioli of chicken and roasted eggplant with toasted almonds and sage from the Eatery as Nicole is ordering from there right now. But again, perhaps I will just have both.


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