NYC | Cake & Shake it a Baby Now, Shake it a Baby

Basically the first thing people learn about me is that I really, really, really like cupcakes. Multiple people have recommended that I be a cupcake for Halloween (this was not the winning costume decision). Some of my favorite things to do in NYC are to: try out new cupcake places, eat cupcakes, talk about cupcakes, make cupcakes, bathe in cupcakes, etc. Therefore, I have decided I should share my favorite cupcake places with my readers (aka Mom & George) so that you all know where to go when you need to suck up to me / apologize to me.

The first place I’d like to introduce is Cake and Shake, yes, a cart with simply cupcakes and milkshakes. I’ve followed Cake and Shake on Twitter (@cakeandshake) since before they even opened because I read an article (which I spent ten minutes looking for with no luck) that really got me craving it. But, I didn’t end up going until my cousins and I were walking around last month and decided to take a stroll into Washington Square Park. And what did we see there, but a GIANT CUPCAKE ON A BICYCLE!!!


I don’t know if this bike has any association with Cake & Shake, or if there was a woman waiting to pop out of it and sing, or who the heck was even riding the bike, for that matter, but it reminded me that one of the two locations of the Cake & Shake trucks was right outside of Washington Square Park! The other location is 82nd St & 5th Ave, outside of the Met.

[Side Note: Washington Square Park (W 4th St & Fifth Ave) is just lovely and full of hipsters, and you should probably go. The fountain in the middle is fun to play in (okay, I have no experience in this, but it *looks* fun to play in) and it’s so pretty, day or night. At night, the view of the Empire State Building through the arch is just delightful and oh, so New York City.]


So anyway, upon seeing this giant mobile cupcake, I immediately entered a panic. “We NEED to find Cake & Shake,” I told my cousins, who of course would never resist going on a quest to find cupcakes and milkshakes – either because they want them themselves or they are afraid to deny me such sweets. After a walk around the outskirts of the park, we found the truck on the South Side (W. 4th St. and LaGuardia Place).


There are twenty different cupcake flavors and eight different shakes, but only five cupcakes and three shakes are featured each day on each truck. Everything is organic and the supplies are all eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you should not feel *as* guilty for indulging. I treated myself to a Whatchamacallit cupcake (milk chocolate cake, caramel mousse, and nougat frosting) and a Salted Caramel shake. This was too much! I really recommend getting either one or the other or sharing (which Emily and Christie did, at least with their shake, but alas, I am not very likely to share such delights.) I regretfully could not finish my treats and felt terrible for it. Next time I am bringing some tupperware and a thermos so that I can save my remains (because I, again, am not very likely to settle for sharing).



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