NYC | Street Meat

If there is one thing New Yorkers like to do, it’s wait in line (or “on line” depending on who you talk to).  Tonight I waited in the line for “the best Halal cart in NYC“. The cart is on the corner of 53rd and 6th, in front of Lou’s Diner. I was advised not to go until 7:30 because that is when they do “something” – looks like either a changeover of the employees or of the food and by that time, the line was already forty deep.  I got there around 7:20 and Nicole and Dave joined me a few minutes later. Once 7:30 rolled around, the line moved really quickly.


I ordered the combo (chicken & lamb over rice – comes with lettuce & pita – $6) which is what I always get at the food carts outside of my work. I was warned about the red sauce, that it comes out quickly and that it’s way too spicy. I thought I did a good job, by just putting a few very small blobs on and covering the rest with the white sauce, but Nicole said I still put too much red sauce, which I soon discovered on my own. After bumping my head on the side of the food cart and accidentally dropping the white sauce so it splattered on the guy next to me, we stood over to the side to eat our dinner. My mouth was on fire immediately so I steered clear of the hot sauce blobs I had made in my dish.


Overall I thought it was pretty good, I like cart food anyways, but I don’t think I would dub this “the best Halal in NYC”. I would get the chicken again, but I think the guy down the street from my work has much better lamb.  I need to start a campaign for him.


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