NYC | Oh, Do You Know, The Gingerbread Man?

Last year at Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to bring home a Dancing Deer gingerbread house kit from Whole Foods and make it with my sister.  I thought it would be delightfully fun and turn out beautifully and it turned out being incredibly stressful and really freaking ugly.  Proof is below.


Because of this experience, I have a ridiculous amount of respect for Le Parker Meridien and City Harvest’s Gingerbread House display (56th St bt 6th & 7th).  Bakeries around the city created charming scenes inspired by movies made in NYC.  Along with making me realize my gingerbread-making skills are way below star quality, this display also made me recognize I need to up my movie game.  I have a problem watching movies because my attention span is about 40 minutes, but I think I should force myself to at least watch movies that were filmed in this fabulous city.  Some of my favorites:

Stuart Little, by Rolling Pin Productions
King Kong, by Norma’s
A Night at the Museum, by Soutine’s Bakery

Check this display out until January 9th, 2011.  You can also donate $1 to City Harvest to vote for your favorite scene.  Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to nom nom nom on these munchies.  I imagine they taste much better than the one Katie and I made.


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