NYC | Over the Hills of Snow

Someone should probably remind me how much I hate the snow.  As early as this morning I was panicking (okay, I was FURIOUS) about the forecast for 18 – 24 inches of snow over NYC for the next few days.  But as recently as an hour ago, I was walking leisurely for two miles through Bryant Park and Times Square photographing pretty things instead of hopping in a cab or taking the subway.

Not one, not two, but THREE snow-covered lions:

Trees and a lil birdie:

William Cullen Bryant, of Bryant Park (and poetry fame):


Bryant’s statue reads an excerpt from his poem, “The Poet”:

Yet let no empty gust

Of passion find an utterance in thy lay,

A blast that whirls the dust

Along the howling street and dies away;

But feelings of calm power and mighty sweep,

Like current journeying through the windless deep.

I can only imagine Bryant is writing about the gusts and blasts of wind of NYC’s current snowstorm.  Tomorrow when I am drudging through it to get to work, I’m sure I will remember my hatred of this weather, but for now, I will let it snow (but just for a little bit longer).


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  1. […] But up until last weekend, my relationship with the New York Public Library was basically nonexistent, aside from the card I carry with me on my keychain, which I was excited to get but have been hesitant to use. I think I was just a little too intimidated to go inside and explore even though I love walking by the NYPL main building right next to Bryant Park. I think the building is beautiful and I’m kind of obsessed with statues of lions – these particular lions are named Patience and Fortitude. These photos were taken on the day after Christmas, 2010. […]


  2. […] Go to a park when it snows!  Put on your Hunters, pull on your knit gloves, grab your chapstick and your camera and go exploring in one of the city’s parks while it is snowing so that you can see all the fresh powder before it gets all dirty or damaged with other peoples’ footprints.  Bonus points if you build a snowman in Central Park, as was on my Winter To-Do list of 2010 and sadly remains uncrossed-out. […]


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