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Since I work in TriBeCa, I have become excited about The TriBeCa Film Festival the last two years. Not necessarily because of the films (I have a really short attention span and basically watch three movies a year), but because of the celebrity sighting potential (as I mentioned here, I am not a cool New Yorker when it comes to this). Last week, a friend of mine saw Natalie Portman, eight months preggo, at our local coffee shop and I walked by some paparazzi who had just taken pictures of Kate Hudson walking into the Greenwich Hotel, but alas, I had just missed her. The paparazzi were pretty nice though, when I asked them who they were taking pictures of, they said “you!” – which is basically my life’s dream, to be followed around with cameras.

A friend got tickets to a Will Ferrell film in the festival on Wednesday night and kindly invited me. When I asked him where the movie was, he told me it was at an apartment on Chambers Street. Although skeptical, I did hope there was some way that this would be a secret viewing at Robert DeNiro’s place. Of course, I was fooled, and we walked to BMCC instead of into some swanky apartment fit for MTV Cribs. We had tickets so we got to walk right by hundreds of people who were in the standby line and enter the red carpet area. There was only one person on the red carpet, but it happened to be Will Ferrell himself, so that was really cool to stalk see him.


We got into the theater pretty early and ended up having our seats moved three times, to the seats where *I* said we should have sat to begin with, but that’s a long story. Will Ferrell and some other peeps (the director?  the producer?) walked out on stage to introduce the movie. Will mentioned that Chanel’s Karl Lagerfield had designed the popsicles they were eating.


The film was an indie movie called “Everything Must Go” and is about Will Ferrell playing an alcoholic who relapses after his boss fires him and his wife leaves him. This is no “Talledega Nights” or “Stepbrothers” and it was interesting to see Mr. Ferrell in such a serious role. Luckily, there were still enough humorous parts included so that I didn’t feel like Will had sold out on us. I thought it was really good and ended up being very moving. Should be in theaters soon so go see it.


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