NYC | I Had a Barbecue Stain on my White T-Shirt

Kat and I may have broken two records this week.  One, for hanging out twice in one week which we sadly haven’t done since college.  Recently we’ve been keeping in touch mostly through our Words with Friends game, but we are luckily changing that!  Two, for the amount of food we ate at Big Apple BBQ yesterday.

The Big Apple BBQ is a yearly event put on by Danny Meyer, the creator of Shake Shack, who I clearly already was in love with,  and yesterday I fell even more in lurve with him.  The BBQ is a giant block party held in Madison Square Park and it is just delightful.  This year there were sixteen barbecue places from all over the country represented, including New York’s own Rack and Soul, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Hill Country, and of course, Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke.  Food was $8 a plate so Kat and I split a few different ones.

Highlights of the afternoon:

  • On the way to MSP, being offered a six-bedroom, $1,000,000 house in Westport, Connecticut if I had gone to dinner with my cab driver.  Unfortunately, I had to decline because I really wanted to enjoy myself at the BBQ.
  • Meeting up with Kat’s friends for five minutes who were leaving and inheriting their fast passes which let us skip all the lines.  We really lucked out because apparently these passes cost a few hundred dollars (which is pretty crazy but they are also loaded with money to use at the food stands – of course ours were used up already).
  • Randomly running into a friend from work and hanging out with him & his friends in the “beer garden” outside of Shake Shack.  Having them take our fast passes and provide us with beer and food on multiple runs for the rest of the afternoon.  Getting yelled at every five minutes by a miserable woman who shouldn’t have even been in public, much less at a crowded event in Manhattan, for how much she hated being around people.
  • The most embarrassing moment of the day:  Getting completely rejected by one of the guitarists in the last band of the event, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears.  They were really good, they are on Letterman tonight, and my ultrahip dad has even heard them on his college radio station he listens to so he can have something to talk to my cousins about on Thanksgiving.  The guitarist was probably a little freaked out because I was waving and yelling at him and maybe tweeting the band about him, but I really just thought I was being funny, one of the perils of me plus day drinking.


  • The most proud moment of the day:  Finally getting my hands on a set of paper pig ears – in the spirit of Burger King crowns – that they were giving out.  I guess they mostly ran out yesterday so these ears were few and far between.  At first, I accepted that I would not succeed in my mission so I instead asked a few people if I could wear theirs just for a photo.  I put on my best sad puppy face and whined about how I really wished I could have a pair, but no one gave theirs up for good.  I was even looking around on the ground to see if anyone had dropped theirs.  I finally saw some hanging out on the top of a speaker stand and asked the man in the speaker booth if I could have them.  Victory.



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