Summer 2011 Recap

When I am bored on the subway, I do one of three things:  play Angry Birds, eavesdrop on tourists’ conversations, or go through my photos on my iPhone or my camera.  I recently realized there were so many pictures from this summer that I hadn’t shared with you guys (does anyone still read this?) that might not be worthy of their own complete blog entry, so I decided I am going to do a seasonal download of these random pictures that I think are worth remembering.


I have gone to a lot of rooftop bars this summer, mostly post-work during the week.  A few of the new places discovered this summer include are Rare, Latitude, & Lucy’s, all of which have excellent happy hours.  (Well, all except Lucy’s, which only has happy hour specials inside but the prices are regular on the roof.  Woof.)

A view of the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building from Rare (37th & Lexington):

A view of the buildings around Lucy’s Cantina Royale (34th & 8th) RIGHT before a giant thunderstorm started and we had to all huddle under the small tent over the bar and had to walk to bowling completely drenched:


I also enjoyed this picture I took while sitting outside waiting for the Bryant Park Film Festival to start because you could see the reflections of other buildings perfectly in the windows of this building:



My college roommate, Georgia, just moved to the city this summer and I was super excited to meet up with her in June for drinks and food at Central Park Boathouse where we enjoyed the beautiful view and fantastic presentations of expensive appetizers and meals:

Nicole, Kristyn, and I finally tried the brunch at 44 1/2 (44th and 10th) that Nicole and I pass all the time and enjoyed the following:

Kat organized for a big group of us to go to Ditch Plains’ crab boil the other night (read about my other experience at Ditch here).  Two crab boils in one summer?!  I couldn’t BE more lucky:

Only in New York:

This summer marked when the New York Senate approved gay marriage (woot!).  Before the vote was finalized, the Levi’s store in Union Square had this incredible window display:


After the vote, there were “Pop-Up” Wedding Chapels in Central Park where couples could go to tie the knot:

For Hoboken Crew Ladies’ Night in July, we decided to go to Lucky Strikes to try out some bowling but instead stumbled upon a Puma Bowling Shoe party complete with Pete Wentz randomly playing DJ:


And only in New York would a tree wear a sweater in the extreme August heat:



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