NYC | A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn

One of the most essential “to-dos” in NYC is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Whenever someone asks me what they should do with friends or family from out-of-town, I always suggest this as an activity.  One of the first times Aubrey came to visit me (before she was a New Yorker herself), we walked across the bridge on a beautiful day in March.


A few weeks ago, my parents and sister came into town on another beautiful day.  When I saw the forecast for the day, I knew we had to walk across the bridge as a family.  Especially because someone on my mom’s side of the family helped to build the bridge many, many years ago.


We first hung out for a bit by the South Street Seaport.  The first time I went there, I knew immediately that I wanted to take the fam there sometime.  My dad really loves boats and there are tons of old boats in the seaport that I think sometimes you can explore, but we couldn’t get on any of them the day we went.  The seaport is such a cute little area of the city that makes you think you are much more north in a small boating town like Mystic or somewhere in Maine.  (Do they have things like this in Maine?  I’m just going to assume they do.)


I was under the impression that the start of the bridge was a lot closer to the seaport than it ended up being.  We walked for quite some time, but eventually we found the start of the bridge and climbed on up.  Once we got up on the walking part of the bridge, we were able to fully appreciate the construction, the views, and the history of the beautiful bridge ahead of us.  The bridge is about a mile long and probably took us about a half hour to walk across.  We of course got held up a little by some congestion of crowds taking photos since it was such a gorgeous day, but it was no where near as crowded as it was when Aubrey and I had walked across a year and a half prior.  And it was definitely worth spending time up there, even with some extra people around us.


I’m really enjoying being able to show my family around somewhere completely different each time they come up to visit.  My favorite day was of course when they came up and we went to Central Park and rowed boats on the pond, which happened to inspire my first blog post.  But this day was a close second.  Any suggestions for our next outing?


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