Get More NYC | "I Lego N.Y."

If you haven’t read any of Christoph Niemann’s “Abstract Sunday” blogs for the NY Times, do yourself a huge favor here.  You may have recently heard of Niemann because he sketched his way through the NY marathon in the fall, “26.2 Miles, 46 Sketches” (also read about MY watching of the NY marathon, here).  But what I really wanted to share with you today is Niemann’s entry on building NYC with his sons’ Legos, entitled “I Lego N.Y.”  I was just thinking about some of my favorite things I’ve found about NYC on the interweb, and this blog entry is definitely toward the top of the list.  To read the full entry, click this guy.  To see some of my favorite pictures (all credited to Niemann of course), scroll down and enjoy!


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