NYC | Paint with all the Colors of the Wind

(Do you like how two of my recent entries have titles that are lyrics of Pocahantas songs?)

I am struggling A LOT to find an apartment to live in come August, but luckily I will not be struggling to decorate my walls if/when I actually find a place and move. As you may recall, I took a painting class with Nicole in December, I also recently stole a painting from my parents’ house that my dad did in college, and I just took a BYOB watercolor class with Emily last week. Just like the first painting class I took, this one was available via a deals site, this time through GoogleOffers, and just like last time, I almost let it expire and then had to rush to use it in a particularly busy month. The class was at Michiyo Art Studio in Tribeca. Emily and I used another one of my almost-expired deals to get drinks and appetizers in the West Village beforehand. If we hadn’t done this, we probably would have bought a bottle of wine for class, but we were all set, trust me.

The studio on Franklin Street is very small and down a few stairs. We were in the class with another girl our age, one a little older with her mother, and two dudes. The owner, Michiyo, was at the studio but she seemed to be watching the instructor John do one of his first classes as he taught us how to do everything and she corrected him every once in a while. We were given a guide of a painting with a few fir trees in a fields with mountains and clouds in the background, a setup of colors and brushes, and a blank canvas.


Just like in the last painting class I took, everything was done step-by-step so that no one could really mess up. If we did something a little too extreme, there were plenty of ways to fix it, by blotting the paint or putting a hairdryer to our painting or just going over what we did again.


I definitely like this painting better than the one I did in the last class. Maybe because it is smaller or not as boldly colored. I think it will look awesome on the wall of my new place. And if I don’t find an apartment, can I please put it up above your couch when I am forced to move in with you?



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