August 2012 Recap

Although I’ve now been out of school for over five years (GASP), I still think of Labor Day and the beginning of September as an opportunity for a clean slate, new beginnings, and reinvention. This entire summer has actually felt like that for me as I said hello to new friends, goodbye to old friends, and moved into a new apartment and bid Hell’s Kitchen adieu.

The beginning of August was pretty hectic, mostly because of the move. I was so busy collecting boxes, organizing, packing, freaking out, physically moving (or rather paying the movers who did it for me…), unpacking, spending my paychecks at Bed Bath & the Container Store, organizing, organizing, and organizing. But, I’m super excited and proud of my new place and can’t wait to have you all over, but not all at the same time. It’s still just a one-bedroom.

Toward the end of August, New York and I lost four good friends to Houston, Philadelphia, and Amsterdam. So much of my NYC experience has been framed by these particular friends and it was hard to say goodbye, but I know they’ll all be back someday and this does give me an excellent opportunity to visit the Netherlands, which I plan on doing this fall.

Needless to say, my goals got derailed a little bit during August, but I tried to restart my 28 Things list last week. I had the second misstep of the project as I almost got stuck underground for a month on a subway train all by myself and without ANY snacks, but more on that later. The good news is the end of August marked me being a third of the way through my project timeline wise, and I’m already over a third of the way through my list.

So stick with me, readers, I’m trying out for varsity this year.


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