NYC | FNO 2012: A Fashion Don’t

The gals from work and I had *so* much fun at Fashion’s Night Out last year. We waited in front of Dash to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian (sorry), went to tons of stores’ parties in Soho, and were pretty well fed with appetizers and champagne all night long. I put this year’s “FNO” on our calendars months ago and we had all been looking forward to it since then, especially this last week. 5:30 crawled to us as slowly as possible and Carrie and I rushed out, promising to meet up with Renee later.


Maybe last year it had just been the adrenaline rush from seeing Kim (I hate myself for writing that just now…), but it seemed a lot different this time around. The events didn’t seem to be starting up until 6, so the first few stores we walked in were just setting up. They had lots of snacks at Anthropologie but the sales girls were hovering around the table and making sure everything was perfect so we were a little shy to creep in and mess up their display.


Carrie and I hit our favorite spots from last year and were pretty disappointed – perhaps mostly because barely anyone was handing out free drinks this year. And yes, this makes a lot of sense, because who would want drunk people around all of their expensive merchandise, but, it made the night a little blah. Longchamp had a great party last year and didn’t even have an event this year at their Soho store. One of the sales associates told us that a lot of stores were cracking down because of underage drinking and people getting sick in the stores. We only found one store giving out champagne and it wasn’t that great. Burberry and Mulberry had some passed-out appetizers, Tiffanys was giving out cake cones and chocolates, Chanel only had extra security.

I’m not really *complaining* since I did get a few treats without having to buy anything (not counting the two bags I had already planned on buying at Longchamp), but I’m just going to try not to get as excited next year. Did you guys have any luck?


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