September 2012 Recap

While the rest of you were settling into Football season, I was just settling into September. The month started off as all autumns do, with one more awesome weekend at home with the family on the beach. I am seriously so lucky to have the best family and neighbors and friends in the world.

The New York Magazine crossword puzzle made an appearance in most of my weekends this month, mostly with Aubrey, but on the last Saturday of the season, also with the help of my sister and my dad. We weren’t going to leave until we finished, even if it was dinner time.


We also had one more poolside barbeque in my favorite backyard with my favorite people, tons of giggles, and homemade chipwiches:


A few city gals from home and I had a fun night when we just wanted to act like jerks, dance like moms, and eat lots of peanuts:


Aubrey, Sean, and I went to Brooklyn Flea Market and took the $4 ferry back to midtown to enjoy the weather, the breeze, and the views:


I paused to admire the Freedom Tower on the beautiful morning of September 11th on my way to work. I have a view of the tower from my bosses’ window and it has been growing each and every week:


I spent a lovely “Girls Night” at Beauty & Essex with the females of the Hobo Crew, which is a beautiful and swank-tastic restaurant that you have to walk through a pawn shop in order to get to, where I found this gem:


On one of our thousand dates this month, Aubrey and I got the cutest presentation of the check in the Nolita eatery of epistrophy (of course we wrapped up our cash in the same way):


I found a piano player in the streets of SoHo who is traveling across America with his piano and the wonderful message of “You owe it to yourself to do something remarkable with your life”:


And I finally experienced the wonderful incredible amazing pizza of Numero 28 in the West Village which I’d been dying to try for about a year, but even moreso since May when Janna recommended it.


Still thinking about that pizza.


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