NYC | A New Year in New York

I am the queen of reflection. Per my suggestion, my college roommate and I made sure we had a wrap-up meal every semester to talk about the top days, nights, lessons learned, etc., of the previous few months. This blog is great for my own reflecting and I’m currently reflecting upon 2012. Of course this year as any had a few downs, but all in all, was way more full of amazing things than anything else. And although it was overall a good year, I’m looking forward to closing the book on 2012 and opening it up on 2013.

2013 promises to be pretty awesome, at least in terms of projects and traveling. I plan on:

  • Finishing up my 28 Things project
  • Coming up with another solid blog project
  • Working on a few other creative projects that I might share with you later
  • Traveling to Thailand and Hong Kong with my sister as I’m sure you’re all aware of by now
  • Taking a trip with my parents and sister to Italy (and perhaps a quick stop in another country on the way home) this summer
  • Making a few long weekend trips to places in America where I’ve never been (Chicago, Boston – can you believe this?) or places where friends/family live that I haven’t been to in way too long (Indianapolis, San Francisco)
  • Finding an art history class to take for a semester or so
  • Volunteering more
  • Being less hard on myself

I’ve organized my posts of the last year in case you’d like to travel back in time with me. I’ve also starred a few of my favorites.

Tourist Traps







Recaps & To-Dos

Random NYC Love

Travel Posts

I leave you with wishes that 2013 will be the best year yet for all of you.


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