February 2013 Recap

February is one of those months that feels both short and long. Short because of the obvious reason but also that it always feels like it is jam-packed and goes by quickly. Long because it is so damn cold, windy (especially in the AM in Tribeca), and sometimes snowy, and it feels like a lifetime has gone by since I returned from Asia. Here are some highlights not yet seen on the blog.

Brunch at tablespoon:


A day I wanted to spend inside but was happy about when I finally ventured out:

Lots of family time, celebrating housewarmings and birthdays:

Reunions with some old friends, including one with a friend in town from Houston who is upset I never use his name on the blog (BERGY BERGY BERGY) and one celebrating a friend’s engagement in Delaware.

And just last night, Caitlin, Kat, and I ventured into Chinatown for dinner, pork buns, and egg tarts, to remind me of my time in HK, but also to gossip, brainstorm about our futures, eat *a lot*, and dance Gangnam Style with the guy behind the counter at the pork bun bakery:


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