NYC | Sweet like Candy to my Soul

I have an extreme sweet tooth. A day is not complete without half a tray of brownies, seven or eight Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, or a package of Lifesavers gummies. Don’t worry, I’m actually starting to eat heathier, although I need to take a break this weekend for one of my 28 Things challenges. Last weekend I took a break as well because when Kat heard that I had never been to Dylan’s Candy Bar, she was appalled so I had to redeem myself and put it on the list.

#20 Go to Dylan’s Candy Bar


On Sunday, Kat and I needed to pack some snacks for the long journey we were about to take for #21 on my list and decided to kill two birds and go to Dylan’s on the way. Somehow I’ve always had self-control each time I’ve walked by this magical candy paradise, which I clearly don’t normally have.

Dylan’s has about every kind of candy you could imagine, but I didn’t want to get anything that I could easily purchase at Duane Reade and I happened to be in a particular mood for gummy candy that day. And I went to the right place – there were gummies in every shape you’d ever want – letters, animals, princess crowns, bears of every color – and some you wouldn’t want for any reason but I got anyway – teeth and chicken feet. I got tons of different types of gummies (including sharks and turtles because sealife gummies are the best) and some piña colada fruit twists and rock candy for good measure.

The bulk candy is all $12.99 a pound and my sweets came in at just about one pound. The price is worth it to “treat yo’self” plus we got to rock out to tunes like “I Want Candy” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while we were browsing. I’m glad to have finally experienced Dylan’s Candy Bar, but now I’m also nervous that I’m going to go there every few days and refill my stash. All I have left are three chicken feet, one turtle, one gummy teeth, and three pieces of cotton candy rock candy. And that’s only going to last me another few minutes.


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