March Recap

The month of March is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. Maybe Mother Nature is confused with her animals, because this March has not gone out like a lamb. At best, it has gone out like a lion who was raised by humans (see here – get your tissues ready), a lion who is a little nicer and tamer than a normal lion, but is still, at its core, a lion.

This March was full of me trying to achieve my goals – although I don’t really know a month when I’m not trying to achieve my growing list of goals. I’ve been working on a secret project (that must remain secret for the time being). I’ve been running a lot to prepare me for the Atlantic City 7K in six days (yikes). I’ve been meticulously planning how on Earth I’m ever going to finish my 28 Things (spoiler alert: I think I’m going to).


March was also full of catching up with old friends – a dinner and drinks with my fabulous college roomie Georgia, two lovely afternoons with my darling Jenna, and a brunch with some homegirls and a frousin. There was also a fantastic and random St. Patrick’s day which included finally see a great college friend I hadn’t seen since he moved away from me and New York, an ice luge, secret pizza, and my friend Chris dressed up like a unicorn-leprechaun, naturally.

The Empire State Building was looking mighty fine this month – decked out in all green for St. Patty’s Day, with the lights turned off for the worldwide Earth Hour event on March 23rd, and in pastels for Easter this very evening.

I also of course enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration with the framily (friends + family) and can’t wait to see many of them (including my fantastic parents) for the race next weekend in the homeland. I love you New York, but sometimes a girl has to go home and smell that ocean air.


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