Get More NYC | Greg Holden – “She’s Got Something”

The most frequent question I’ve gotten over the last two weeks has been “Are you going to do a 29 Things list?” The short answer is no, but the long answer is that I always have a few to-do lists running in my head anyway and I’d like to reduce the pressure I put on myself with time limits this upcoming year. Alternatively, I will be working on different projects, some for the blog, some for elsewhere in life. I will be rolling out a few new features here over the next few months, and I’d like to start to show more of NYC than just my personal experiences – the New York of music, movies, books, & television. Today I’d like to pick a song for you. I have an entire New York playlist that I listen to when I’m just walking around aimlessly trying to love on NYC as much as possible.


Greg Holden‘s “She’s Got Something,” was actually released in 2009 but I first heard it a few months back when it was featured in a Target commercial that I would always rewind on my DVR and listen to repeatedly before I made the wise decision to splurge for the song on iTunes. Fun fact, Greg Holden also wrote the Phillip Phillips amazing song, Home, which you will remember from the Olympics last year.

“Well it all started all out in a wonderful city we all know…get me back, get me back to New York…”


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