Get More NYC | Ryan Adams’ "New York, New York"

New York has been getting a lot of heat lately and therefore, has also been getting a lot of hate, which is conveniently and obviously just the letters of heat, rearranged.


All last week, I stopped wearing any makeup to work because it was melting off my face, I actually spent my days drinking water to avoid dehydration (I hate drinking water, I know it’s bizarre), and I purposely stayed out late at bars to avoid the “heat sandwich” (Kat’s term) that is my 5th floor apartment. I rolled my eyes a lot with the rest of the city – especially while on the subway – but a few lines from the below Ryan Adams’ song, “New York, New York” kept getting stuck in my head and reminded me that I only hate it here a few weeks a year.

“Hell, I still love you, New York.” You may be god-awful in the summer sometimes, but I promise, “I’ll always love you though, New York.”


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