Summer Surprises

I’m lucky that my summers are always full of things that summers are supposed to be full of – tons of beautiful beach days, time with family and friends, and margaritas. But this summer was also full of things I don’t typically encounter and that were quite lovely surprises.

My neighbors got a new firepit in the backyard so almost every single weekend night at home was spent in front of a fire with my best friends and our families and plenty of drinking games and “You the hottest b*tch in this place.”


I hadn’t been on a family vacation with my parents and sister since a spring break Puerto Rico trip sophomore year of high school so our trip to Italy this summer was long overdue and more fun than I could have imagined.


I explored the city in brand new ways thanks to the new Citibike bike share program and to me making good friends with the owner of a sweet Vespa.


I was actually decent at some (semi) athletic events – I won in ping pong at Salvation Taco, tied in miniature golf at Pier 25, and was told by a professional dart player that I had a better form than these two bozo clowns below.


I was finally able to get up on the rooftop of my building, which is typically locked, on the most perfect night for it, when the World Trade Center Tribute lights were on and visible.


What kind of surprises do *you* have for me, Autumn?


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