NYC | “Better Out Than In”: a Banksy Treasure Hunt

This month in New York City, the sun set earlier, the leaves changed colors, and the media’s favorite topic finally shifted from Cronuts to Banksy, the famed graffiti artist. Each day in October, as part of the exhibit “Better Out Than In,” Banksy (@banksyny) posts a picture on Instagram of a new work and the area of town it is in. The media immediately goes croNUTS in search of the new piece.

I have absolutely been loving this display of creativity in our streets and the attention it’s been getting, and the fact that it’s all basically a treasure hunt makes it even better. Check out this site for the full exhibit (and seriously, check it out!), but some of my favorites so far have been:

  • Spraypainting the words “The Musical” under other random graffiti words and phrases
  • A slaughterhouse truck riding around the meatpacking district with tons of stuffed farm animals making distressing noises
  • A stand set up by Central Park selling original works of “Street Art” for $60. Only eight canvases were sold as nobody knew it was Banksy’s work but they’re estimated to be worth $30,000 each. Imagine knowing that you walked by that stand and didn’t even look twice?
  • This:

I hadn’t yet ventured out to see any of Banksy’s works in person but I saw on Instagram this morning that his latest work was in Tribeca, where I work. A few hours later it was public that it was on Staple Street, a tiny alley off of Jay Street, and just a few blocks from my office. I took advantage of a rumored evacuation drill (I am *not* walking down 24 flights of stairs) and snuck out to go see it for myself and I’m glad I did.



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