2014 Resolutions

I know it may seem like I’m perfect (kidding), but I actually have several things I’d like to work on in the new year.

Travel More. 


I had an amazing travel year in 2013 and was able to visit three cities plus many islands in Thailand, Hong Kong, and three cities in Italy. I took several cool day trips around New York and even gave Philadelphia a second shot after years of feeling “meh” about it. I’m very excited that I will be visiting New Orleans over the long January weekend. Katie and I will be taking a trip to Hawaii in the late spring. I’m also hoping to take some short weekend trips to cities I’ve never seen (Chicago, Boston, Nashville?) as well as return to cities I’ve seen where I have good friends (Philadelphia, San Francisco?). I won’t be planning them all yet though because my next resolution is:

Worry Less.


More specifically, I’m only allowing myself to worry about things if they are within 90 days. I’m allowed to say that my sister and I will be going to Hawaii in May, but until February, I’m not allowing myself to stress out about getting flights or hotels or figuring out what to eat while we are there. I need to make this resolution because I am already worrying about (and complaining about to my friends) events that are as far out as next fall and that is just ridiculous. If I start to forget this one and start freaking out to you about something way too far in advance, call me out immediately please. It’s funny that I want to worry less, considering my next resolution:

Do Things That Scare Me.


In 2013, I learned that I am kind of scared of heights and was nervous while I rode elephants, took trapeze lessons, and jumped off a boat in the ocean waters of Southern Thailand. I’m hoping to find some more experiences that will help me get over this, perhaps while Katie and I are in Kauai, Hawaii this year. This resolution could also help me in my professional life in becoming more confident with public speaking. I could take some classes or throw it all to the wind and put my name in the hat for a Moth storytelling event. I’ve also thought about taking some screen- or sketch-writing classes because I have a ton of ideas. This also forays into my next resolution:

Be Creative.


My guitar has been sitting out in my living room for a year and a half now and remains mostly unplayed, except for when I am pre-gaming or post-gaming with friends and decide to show off a little. Problem is, since I haven’t played it in so long, I don’t have much to show off. I’ve also recently added a beautiful banjo to the collection and I have no clue how to play it yet. Hopefully this will change this year. And as mentioned in my prior resolution, I also have interest in writing outside of this blog, and have for quite some time. I’ll be writing for another blog coming soon and am also looking into these classes I mention above. I will create things this year.

I know that you are all perfect as well, but is there anything you’re hoping to work on for this year?


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