Philadelphia | Go Nuts at Federal Donuts

Katie and I found ourselves in Philly this weekend visiting our third almost-sister, Jess. Both sets of our parents came up on Saturday morning and the first thing on *my* to-do list was to do a Federal Donuts taste test. Federal Donuts was recommended to me on my autumn trip to Philly, but we didn’t have enough time that morning to check it out. I was determined to not miss out again this time around. Federal Donuts is known not only for their donuts, but also for their fried chicken. I *love* me some fried chicken, but 9 am seemed a little too early for that on Saturday when I went to go pick up a sampling for our parents (okay, definitely mostly for me).

Instead of making the incredibly difficult choice of which donut varieties to get, I ordered one of each.

Check out these flavors:

  • Fancy ($2/pop)
    • Crumberry
    • Sea Salt & Chocolate
    • Gingerbread
    • Cookies N’ Cream
    • Pumpkin Spice Latte
    • Sticky Bun


  • Hot Fresh ($1.25/each)
    • Vanilla Spice
    • Strawberry Lavender
    • Cinnamon Brown Sugar


When I got back to Jessica’s place after spilling *a lot* of my coffee on my hand and sneaking into Starbucks to steal some napkins, I cut each donut into 8 pieces so that we could each try each flavor. Consensus was that the fancy donuts were better than the hot/fresh ones, but this may be a factor of that they weren’t hot anymore when we devoured them. Our favorite fancy donuts were definitely (1) Sea Salt & Chocolate (2) Cookies & Cream (3) Sticky Bun, but all of them were really sweet and unique. Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice Latte seemed a little out of season to me, but I still enjoyed them.

There are two Federal Donuts locations in Philadelphia right now (Center City & South Philly) with two more opening up soon. It has been rumored that Federal Donuts may expand into NYC and if this ends up being the case, I will definitely be doing taste tests there as well. Next time I am in Philly, I plan on trying the hot donuts while they are still hot *and* the fried chicken. You certainly can’t go wrong with chicken and waffles, so I imagine chicken and donuts would be even more satisfying.


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