NYC | New York’s Own EggXtreme Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are a big deal in my family. *Way later* in life than we were supposed to have Easter egg hunts, we had the EggXtreme Egg Hunt: Teams of three. Easter Eve, once it gets dark. One person holds the flashlight but can’t speak. One person picks up the eggs but is blindfolded. The last person tells the egg-picker-upper where the eggs are, but has the bag tied behind his or her hands. Yes, of course there were t-shirts…and costumes…and a trophy. I know…you want to be a member of our family ASAP. Sidenote, folks – can we PLEASE bring this back this year???


You can understand that when I heard there would be an egg hunt in NYC, my interest was piqued. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I saw my first egg around Madison Square Park on Monday, I became super eggcited (sorry) – especially because it was so beautiful and butterfly-covered!


During the first few weeks of April, for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, over 200 two-foot tall sculptures of eggs have been “hidden” around New York City. These eggs were designed by some pretty cool people, including Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera, Martin Handford (creator of Where’s Waldo), and the students at one of my friend’s schools. But get out there and hunt for those eggs soon  because on April 18th, they will be collected in Rockefeller Center and it’s less fun if they’re in the same spot. The eggs will be up for auction later in April to raise money for my friends, the elephants, and to put more art programs in NYC schools through Studio in a School.

If you live in NYC, download the Big Egg Hunt application right now. You can see on the map where eggs are, it’ll let you know when you’re near one, and you can check in to keep track of which eggs you’ve found. Kat and I were walking around Flatiron after an amazing “yay I am less stressed and can finally eat again” meal at Shake Shack and she showed me the eggs she had seen before I got there. Obviously Kat and I are totally into this, but many others are as well. Lots of people were taking pictures with the eggs and scanning the QR codes into the app to get credit for finding them.

This hunt feels like Banksy all over again, except there are prizes for finding these pieces of artwork. The top prize of a $50,000 ruby, diamond, and amethyst pendant may actually be as cool as the trophy in our family’s egg hunt.


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