Global Bites without the Flights: Dim Sum at Jing Fong

One of my favorite meals on our trip to Asia last year (and there were many) was Dim Sum in Hong Kong one afternoon. Jing Fong, a Dim Sum restaurant here in NYC, is well deserving of being featured in Global Bites without the Flights.

I first went to Jing Fong, one of Chinatown’s finest eateries, with Kat and her crew in the fall. I had only had Dim Sum in Hong Kong and I was excited to see how New York’s Dim Sum would measure up. We made it up the escalators at Jing Fong and into a gigantic hall that I wouldn’t think would ever fit into this neighborhood, with its tiny storefronts and apartments. The hall was full of what seemed like hundreds of tables and dozens of ladies with food carts. I knew immediately that I had to bring my parents the next time they’d be in town. After a long hiatus from NYC due to my mom’s broken foot, this finally happened a few weeks ago. My parents and I went to Jing Fong after our visit to the NYPL and its many exhibits and had a lovely meal.


I like Dim Sum because of the instant gratification and the variety. Point to something on a food cart and your chopsticks are around it within seconds. Small portions mean you can try many more dishes than you would be able to normally. I think my *favorite* part about Dim Sum is that you may not *really* know what you’re eating. When you have a question about a dish on a cart, you usually get back a one-word answer, and many things taste differently than you may think. One of my favorites at this meal was a sesame-seed covered bun described as “bean” but was sweet and dessert-like. We also enjoyed many different types of dumplings, pork buns, and taro cake (in the center picture above).

If you’re looking around Chinatown for a good lunch spot, definitely hit up Jing Fong. It’s an experience for sure. Dim Sum? More like Dim YUM.


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