NYC | Full House Trivia?! Have Mercy.

About 10-15% of my brain capacity is devoted to remembering episodes of Full House. I’ve wanted to go to Full House trivia for a while (you all know how much I love trivia) and when the opportunity came up this Tuesday, I had to take it. I also knew I had to go with Kristyn because we have never had a lunch, dinner, or happy hour where we don’t discuss minute details of this fantastic (?) show from the ’90s that framed our childhoods. Our team on Tuesday was rounded out by Frousin Em and her fab friend Marathon Caitlin. The competition was at Copia on 53rd and 2nd and was hosted by TriviaAD who also present Friends, Seinfeld, and Mean Girls trivia, among several other varieties all around town.


Caitlin came up with our team name of “Viper’s Ripped Jeans” and we breezed through the first round as easily as Nicky and Alex breeze through the Tanner household destroying everything in their path (including Michelle’s solar system project). Who co-hosted “Wake Up, San Francisco” with Danny when Becky was on maternity leave? Vicky Larsen. What was the cereal DJ did a commercial for (which Stephanie later stole from her)? Oat Boats. What did Becky do on-air to show she was brave? Bungee-jump off a bridge.

During the second round, we were given 10 quotes, read without any inflection, and had to identify who said them. These were a little harder because you had to think really hard about which episodes they were from or who they sounded most like if you couldn’t think of the episode. We went back-and-forth on a few of these, but we got some of the difficult ones and only missed 3 out of 12 in this round.

I think that we got either 9 or 10 of the 10 true or false questions in the third round. We also were so clever (cocky?) that we gave the reasons why any questions were false on the back of the sheet of paper. For example, when Danny auditioned for Jesse’s band, he did NOT use the nickname of “Dirty Dan,” he used “Mildew.” I don’t think we got extra credit for this.

For the fourth round, we received a paper with 10 pictures of characters from the show, most of them only appearing for one or two episodes. Some came to us without a second’s hesitation: Stavros, Jesse’s creepy Greek cousin who sexually harassed Becky; Brett Brett, Brett Brett, Stephanie’s crush on the opposing baseball team; and Rusty, the trouble-making son of one of Danny’s girlfriends, who we all had a thing for when first watching the show in the ’90s. But then there was the woman Danny was paired up with when Vicky couldn’t show up to their version of the Newlywed game – we all knew it was an old lady’s name that started with “E” but couldn’t come up with the right answer of “Estelle.” There was also the female comedian who Joey dated named Roxy, but Emily and I both said “Allison” at the same time for some reason so we chose that answer. And dear Aunt Ida, who we couldn’t think of for the life of us.

The last round, the “Lightning Round,” was where we fell apart and had to guess at the majority of the questions – how many jars of Honey Bee honey did DJ sell when she was a Honey Bee? How much did Becky pay for Uncle Jesse at a bachelor auction? What was Steve’s ex-girlfriend’s name? I suddenly felt like Michelle after she thought she was doing well in her soccer game but it turned out she was scoring for the wrong team, but these 20 questions were meant to test you.

We still had a solid showing and came in 4th out of 7 teams. I felt okay about this because our team had still gotten some really tough questions right, and I had an awesome time wracking my memory for this. I overheard the girls who won telling the host that they had studied for this to which I said under my breath, “Oh, I have a job.” What I *should have* said was:



Disclaimer: After writing this post and remembering how much fun I had, I was inspired to reach out to the owner of TriviaAD to see if I could join the team. From August 2014 to January 2016, I worked for the company on the side, hosting and scoring trivia nights at different establishments in NYC. While I had to stop working with TriviaAD because my life was getting too busy, I highly recommend checking out future events here!

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