NYC | A Lobster Tale

New Yorkers spend half their lives waiting for the summer. In the winters, we bundle up so tightly and uncomfortably that only our eyes are showing, just to strip down again on the hot subway, and bundle ourselves back up to complete our commutes, walking against winds that won’t even let us move forward. The heat in the buildings we live in is uncontrollable, loud, and so high we have to sleep with the windows open when it’s snowing. Each time it snows, we are stuck sludging through seven-inch puddles for the next two weeks. Then, when it’s finally nice out, it feels like a second – it flies right on by. Too much on my summer to-do lists goes undone each year. But I’m not letting that happen this time around.


A few weekends ago, The World Wanderer and I got together for a day of gabbing and giggles. The weather was going to be gorgeous, so we went to North River Lobster Company on 41st and the west side. North River was on my Summer Bucket List from last year but I hadn’t been able to cross it off. If you’re in the city on a sweltering day, the best way to spend it is to hop on a boat. In my early years in the city, I went to the Frying Pan all the time. Last year, I discovered Grand Banks, which is perfect for after work, especially if you are downtown for your 9-5. But North River Lobster Company has a little something extra that those boats don’t have – it takes you out on the water.


North River was a splurge for us, but one Erin and I decided we deserved. We both ordered $21.95 lobster rolls and a mason-jar cocktail for $14. There are cheaper food and drink options, but when you’re on a lobster boat, you get lobster. Erin’s “Life Saver” cocktail (Skyy Peach Vodka, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, & Grenadine) was better than my “Spiked Ice Tea” (Skyy Blood Orange Vodka, Skyy Citrus Vodka, & Sour Mix), but we switched to beer after the first round. If I make it there again this summer I’ll be sure to try the North River Lobster Company Blonde Ale which I hadn’t noticed before. For our last round, we tried the Rosé sangria which was light and unique although they’d run out of fruit for the day.


Every few hours, the boat goes out for a 45-minute sail. Erin and I were having such a great time catching up that we were out on the water twice. Eventually, we needed to drink more beer, eat a soft pretzel, garlic toast bites, and funfetti cookies, and pet a dog, so we headed off to start our evening. But not before taking a photo together. “Green shirt,” I said, to a man in a green shirt, “I feel like you are a photographer.” He actually was one, or at least claimed to be. He took a picture for us, but when we walked downstairs and looked at it, we wanted a better one. I started to put my arm out to take a selfie and Erin said, “are you good at selfies?” “Am I good at selfies?! Ha!” I said, as my camera dropped the six feet down to the concrete floor of the boat. It shattered slowly in front of our eyes.

But we got that selfie.



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