NYC | A Tribute to Tribeca

Being able to spend five days of each week in Tribeca has its benefits. The “Triangle Below Canal” does indeed turn into Triberia for a few months in the winter, with its whirling impossible-to-move-forward-in wind tunnels. But the rest of the year, I count myself lucky to work in an area of town where I am not dodging tourists and instead am dodging yoga moms with strollers, puppies, and celebrities. We also have some of the best restaurants in town, which I may not even know about if I didn’t walk by them every day. Here are my recommendations for Tribeca, though this list could be much longer:

When you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket and have made a reservation ahead of time: Head to Bâtard, voted the best new restaurant in New York by several publications and confirmed by me earlier this year. Caitlin and I did a three-course meal but there are options for more courses and additional cheese plates if your tummies are larger than ours. Bâtard’s food is like nothing I’ve ever eaten and the presentation is gorgeous.

When you need comfort food and a celebrity sighting: Go to Bubby’s on Hudson for comfort food like fried chicken and waffles, pancakes, mac n’ cheese, and PIE. Bubby’s is open late and 24/2 over the weekend. Ingredients for their delicious recipes (which they say they “steal from grandmas”) are sustainably sourced. If you’re lucky, maybe Jeremy Piven will open the door for you or Josh Groban will wish you a happy birthday! These are two things that I’ve experienced, at least.

When it’s sunny and you have time for a long lunch: Find the tiny and charming Smith & Mills on Greenwich Street and North Moore. It’s so tiny and charming that they don’t have a kitchen and cook everything on a hot plate, hence the extra time needed. Their avocado toast is the best in town (now with a fried egg on top if desired) and the bathroom is an old elevator.


When the boss is buying lunch: Head over to Little Park, with seasonal dishes, local ingredients, and an ability to make *me* drool over vegetables. The fried local cauliflower with pistachio and herbs and the duck confit hash with trevisano and pomegranate are pictured below. The chocolate-rye cake and hazelnut ice cream are pictured in my dreams every night.

For a fun group outing with a theme: Bring everyone to Bar Cyrk for a pizza as long as the table and circus-themed everything, including decor to make you feel like you’re in Coney Island. Menu items include the Slidewhistle chicken sliders, the Knifethrower grilled cheese, Popcorn (Yes, Popcorn) Soup, and plenty of fun cocktails to try after 5.


When you need a coffee with a side of leather goods: May your way to Shinola, fresh from Detroit, with a branch of The Smile as its in-house coffee shop. Buy a monogrammed leather notebook while you wait or stare at the same blue leather watch you’ve been courting for months but are scared to buy because it’s more than you spend on anything except for flights. You’ll want everything in this store, including this amazing wall decor:


To celebrate the start of the weekend: Take yourself to Church Street and Belle Reve, a new venture from the team behind Employees Only, Macao Trading Company, and more. Though I order from the beer menu at most places, I’ve had only cocktails here because it’s fun to order something called “The Grandpa” or “Uncle Billy” and they do the ice right. The bone marrow fries are legit.


When all you need is a good bagel: Zucker’s has the best bagels in this part of town. I’d recommend a turkey club or a BLT with avocado on an everything and a tomato and cream cheese on an everything for later. If you don’t eat everything bagels, you are doing everything wrong.


Next time you’re in the West Village, head just a little further downtown and give Tribeca a try! And if you’re going during a weekday, you’d better text me so I can join!


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