NYC | Shake ya Tailfeather

I’ve done a few items on my 28 Things list where I didn’t think I’d fit in with the crowd, like when I went to a New York Fashion Week Show or ate at Le Bernardin, but I never expected that a birdwatching tour would be where I fit in the least.

NYC | Walking Broadway

Caitlin is responsible for this task being on my list and therefore blamed for my foot injury. But she is also blamed for all the fun I had and good food I ate on my adventure, so I guess it evens out. Broadway is the only avenue that stretches the entire length of Manhattan, from 225th Street to Battery Park City – a good 13.6 miles – a half-marathon, if you will.

NYC | Home of the Good Burger

Mendy and I met up for lunch on Sunday to catch up and also to complete one of the last items on my 28 Things list, one that he suggested, to eat “the best burger in NYC” at Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian.

NYC | When on Arthur Ave

In my experience, the best way to reward yourself for a job well done is with food. As a reward for a successful trapeze lesson, Caitlin and Tyler picked Kat and me up at Pier 40 last Saturday and we drove to Arthur Ave in the Bronx together. This was, well what do ya know, another item on my 28 Things, suggested by Caitlin.

NYC | With the Greatest of Ease

I cannot even explain the pain I was in on Saturday and Sunday…and actually through ’til Wednesday… All because of maybe ten total minutes of exercise on Saturday. You may think this is pathetic, and you would be correct, but a few days of pain is the norm for someone who takes trapeze lessons at the Trapeze School of New York, on Pier 40.

NYC | Bookin’ It

Getting your books at Strand Bookstore is about as NYC as sharing a eyebrow raise and a smile with a cute stranger re: the old lady in front of you yelling at no one in particular about gloves. I had never gone to Strand until this past week, despite it being a short walk from my apartment. Aubrey put this item on my 28 Things list. She is an expert in cute little bookshops around the city, but Strand is pretty much the crème de la crème.

NYC | Meals on Wheels

Most items on my 28 Things have been one-timers, things that, once finally scheduled with the people who have been dying to do them with me, only take a few hours. This list item was more of a challenge than that. Emily suggested that I eat food trucks for the entire weekend – three meals a day, each day of the weekend, only from food trucks, but because Emily knows me so well, I was allowed to supplement with late night cheese fries if I found it necessary to do so (which I did on Saturday night). Challenge accepted.

NYC | Up in the Air

As I mentioned in my Dylan’s Candy Bar post, Kat and I were there to stock up for a “long journey” for #21 on my 28 Things. The “long journey” was actually just a trip to Roosevelt Island, but we were leaving *our* island, and for us in the bitter cold, that was a big deal.

NYC | Sweet like Candy to my Soul

I have an extreme sweet tooth. A day is not complete without half a tray of brownies, seven or eight Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, or a package of Lifesavers gummies. Don’t worry, I’m actually starting to eat heathier, although I need to take a break this weekend for one of my 28 Things challenges. Last weekend I took a break as well because when Kat heard that I had never been to Dylan’s Candy Bar, she was appalled so I had to redeem myself and put it on the list.

NYC | You Oughta be in Pictures

For a few years in high school, I was convinced I was going to become a famous film director. I had made several films with my frousins, neighbors, and in school. I had a notebook full of opening scenes for movies. I practiced my Oscar speech in the mirror. This dream eventually went the way of other dreams, like being in the Olympics, becoming Miss America, and being elected the first female president.

NYC | This is my Sorry for 2013

I was told I should lead with Ruben Studdard, that he was the most exciting part of this story. I inadvertantly left out this important detail at first when gabbing with my girlfriends at brunch last week about Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. This task was suggested for my 28 Things by David (who accompanied me to The Moth).

NYC | Take Your Dad to the City Day

When I was in middle school, a friend of my dad’s called the house and asked me to tell my dad that he had called. I forgot to tell my dad, probably because I was too busy working on my ‘N Sync website, and it turned out his friend was going to ask him to go to The Late Show with David Letterman with him. Being from the sticks of Jersey and not being able to imagine at the time that I would ever even *go* to New York, I felt awful. My dad doesn’t remember that this even happened.

NYC | Four Star and Seven Years Ago

I’m pretty low-maintenance in my food choices. I’m perfectly fine eating cereal or a bagel or an entire bag of Pizza Goldfish for dinner. When I eat out, I’m more than content with burgers, pizza, or a quesadilla, as long as I’m having a good conversation that includes some juicy gossip. But once in a while, you need to treat yo’self, and that’s why I was really excited for one of Caitlin’s suggestion for my 28 Things.

NYC | Secrets Secrets are no Fun

Just kidding, secrets are THE BEST! I have to say, for the record, I am an excellent secret-keeper. But, in the interest of this blog and my readers’ own personal journeys within New York City, I will share some of my favorite secrets I’ve found in the past few years, which includes an item on my 28 Things.