Global Bites without the Flights: Laotian Food at Khe-Yo

One of the things I love about NYC is that it doesn’t feel like you’re in the same place the whole time. It’s a different feel whether you’re in the West Village or Upper East Side or hanging out by South Street Seaport. And beyond the neighborhood differentiator, I love that you can find little pockets of international influence everywhere. You can easily travel the world without a plane ticket.

Global Bites without the Flights | Korean BBQ at Bann

Normally I don’t have *any* friends from home in the city and I miss them all very dearly. This week, I was really lucky and had two friends from the homeland randomly in town. On Monday, I had a lovely dinner / catch-up sesh with Aubrey at Spring Street Natural. On Thursday, I had a similarly lovely dinner / catch-up sesh with Kristina at Bann. Bann is a Korean BBQ place near my apartment.