Flying Fancy for Free

I am not a “luxury traveler” by any means. While I treat myself to cake pops and chai lattes whenever possible, spending extra money to fly first class had never crossed my mind. So I was super excited when my sister, Katie, won first-class Delta tickets to *anywhere in the United States* and invited *me* of all people with her. In order to make the most of her winnings, we decided to travel as far as we possibly could on them, which meant Hawaii. I’ve already written about how wonderful our trip to Hawaii was, and knowing we were getting there for free made it even more fun to plan our helicopter ride, boat tour, hike, trek the see the sunrise on top of a volcano, and our meals.

Maui, HI | Here Comes the Sun

I’m no stranger to *staying* up until 3 am, but I am definitely not used to *waking* up at 3 am. But when you travel, you’re supposed to do things that you normally don’t do, and I don’t normally get to say, “Good Morning,” to the sun while standing on top of a volcano.

Kauai, Hawaii | An Attempt at Athleticism: Hiking the Na Pali Coast

I like to say that I’m outdoorsy. I’d definitely rather be outside than inside, at least between the months of March and November. With that said, my activities while outside are not necessarily what others might consider outdoorsy. As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of a someecards from a number of years ago:

Kauai, HI | A Dolphin-itely Fun Experience

The desire to be “one with the dolphins” runs in my family – my dad races out to the ocean with his kayak whenever we see them from the shore and comes back with stories as if they were best buds. I was super excited that on our morning boat tour in Kauai, Hawaii with Na Pali Experience, it was almost guaranteed that we’d see dolphins.

Hawaii | Seven Foods I Ate in Heaven

On your first day in Hawaii, your tummy will probably look good in your bikini due to stepping up your gym routine right before the trip. On your last day in Hawaii, this may not be the case because you’ve probably been stuffing yourself silly with fish and shaved ice. Some of the best things we ate on our island adventures are below:

Kauai, HI | Up, Up, and Away

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you may be familiar with my love/hate relationship with heights. Of course I appreciate the views that come with being high up in the air (like of Florence, New York City, or Bruges), but I also have some concerns when I think I could fall and hurt myself (like off of elephants, boats, or trapeze platforms).