November 2016 Recap | India & NJ

Oh, November. Oh, November 2016. How things have changed. A week in Bangalore, two weeks in Goa, and one week back home in South Jersey. I still feel like I’m adjusting to being home, even though it’s been over a week already. It was not a normal week since it had Thanksgiving, unpacking, and jetlag, so I’m allowing myself this adjustment. This means I’ve been spending a lot of time snuggled up in bed or on the couch or on the floor with the dog in my lap. But I’ve also been doing a TON of work, so look forward to more regular posts instead of “when I get to them” posts on this site.

September 2016 Recap | Myanmar, NJ, NYC, Nevada, Arizona, Utah

I heard the same thing from a friend who quit her job last year, but I truly don’t even know how I managed a full-time job, a full-time life, and my blog. It’s getting harder and harder to sit down and write. Granted, for the month of September, I was only home for a week in between trips, but I had lofty goals of writing a post a day that I could space out over the upcoming weeks, and well, that didn’t happen. Getting over a 10 1/2 hour time difference and 24 straight hours of traveling isn’t that easy for my body yet. I also had to fit in 5 weeks worth of exciting episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey and New York (“Don’t let it be about Tom”). I’m not ashamed of it, so you shouldn’t be on my behalf either.

August 2016 Recap | NJ, Malaysia, Myanmar

I’m not even sure where to begin with this month’s recap. It’s the first month that my life has changed in a ginormous way, in quite some time. As you all know by now, I left NYC and the corporate world at the end of July, to try something new. I’m still in the midst of my first big adventure in Southeast Asia.

July 2016 Recap | NYC & NJ

I’m writing this post while sitting on my parents’ porch in South Jersey on a Monday afternoon. No, I’m not on vacation. I’m finally able to reveal something on this blog that many of you already learned if we know each other in real life. This past month has been insane. I resigned from my corporate 9 to 5 (well, 9:15ish to 5:30ish) job in banking in New York City. I stopped working 12 days ago.

NJ | The Largest Elephant in the World

The small town of Margate, NJ, located just 15 minutes south of Atlantic City, is home to the largest elephant in the world. No, of course a six-story-tall real-life elephant doesn’t exist and live freely in the wilds of NJ – nothing as amazing as that would ever happen. This elephant is made of wood.

NJ | Ocean City Boardwalk Classics

Growing up between beach towns on the Jersey Shore was pretty special. Our AIM profiles bragged, “our lives are your vacation,” as we spent countless hours working on our tans in the sand over the summers. In high school, I frequently found myself watching the ocean waves instead of paying attention in Physics. While I was the absolute slowest person on the track team (no exaggeration), I enjoyed running on the boardwalk with the ocean breeze in my hair. But what I’ve always loved most about the boardwalk is the food.

NJ | On the Way to Cape May, I Fell in Love with You

One thing I’ve always been annoyed by is when people make a face when they hear I’m from New Jersey. I know they’re trying to be funny, but it’s not exactly a creative joke (which is also why I roll my eyes at most “that’s what she said” attempts). The truth is, New Jersey is beautiful – especially where I grew up in Cape May County.

Get More NYC | "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out"

I can’t help but think of my first NYC apartment, on 54th and 10th, whenever I hear it. Bruce is singing about the formation of his band on the streets of *his* 10th Avenue, but I always think of the formation of my New York City life on *my* 10th Avenue.

I May Never See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (and that’s okay!)

The other week, one of my coworkers invited me to his apartment for Thanksgiving morning because his apartment overlooks the trail of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I thanked my friend for the invite but told him I was heading home to South Jersey for my favorite holiday ever. Because it is such an iconic NYC event, I would LOVE seeing the parade, but I have a feeling I will never see it in person. And that’s okay!

NJ | A Day At the Races

Last Saturday, a few frousins (cousins who are also friends, duh) and I journeyed down to Monmouth Park on NJ Transit to celebrate another of our frousin’s birthdays. It was also the NJ Thoroughbred Festival and my first time at the races. It made for an excellent day trip out of the city.

NJ | You Can’t Spell Frousin without R-U-N

A lot of items end up on my to-do lists in order to redeem myself for times when I was younger and things didn’t work out how I wanted them to. For example, on my 25 List was “a successful ski trip” as redemption for falling a few times and giving up pretty quickly on the eighth grade ski trip. An item on my 26 List was to run a 5K. I joined the high school track team to enhance my college resume but it resulted in me feeling awful about myself for four straight springs for being the slowest person in the history of the team.

You Ain’t a Beauty, But Hey, You’re Alright

Bruce Springsteen is basically a member of my family. I can’t listen to him without thinking of my dad, sister, or cousins, and we would be more than happy to have him at our Thanksgiving celebration (and it *is* a celebration) this year. If anyone can hook this up, let me know STAT.

NYC | Don’t Listen to a Word I Say

I’ve been introduced to many new artists over the last few weeks, including the incredible Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men – you may know their singles “Little Talks” or “Mountain Sounds”. I had been listening to their Pandora station almost exclusively for about a week when a friend got free tickets to their concert so I definitely wanted to go.