NYC | Too Much Light in the City that Never Sleeps

The options for nightlife in New York City are practically endless, but they can get repetitive. A $9 Bud Light here, a late night order of cheese fries there, and sometimes you can’t identify one weekend from the next. If you want a unique night out, give New York Neo-Futurists a shot.

NYC | Out, Out, Damn…Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot

Shakespeare was no stranger to drinking. According to the interwebs, there are over 350 references to alcohol in his writings. One wonders, then, if he would approve of Drunk Shakespeare, the live show that I recently attended in Times Square, where cast members get wasted before the performance. If he’s into organizing as much as I am, Shakespeare would have at least approved of the event space, decorated with as many books as Belle had in her library, but all grouped by color.

NYC | The Waiting Game

Each winter, the city of New York holds “Broadway Week,” a misnomer as it actually lasts a few weeks – as does every week-long celebration here, see “Restaurant Week.” This is not a complaint, as I’m glad that we have more than one week during which popular shows offer 2-for-1 tickets. It’s unfortunately over for the season, but “Off-Broadway Week” is February 17 – March 2, 2014 if you’re interested.