28 Things Before I Turned 28

28 Things in NYC to do Before I Turn 28, as suggested by some of my most favorite people


1. Ride a Rickshaw (Frousin Mike)

2. Poetry Slam (Brad)

3. Kayak on the Hudson (Daddio)

4. Federal Reserve Bank of NY (Kyle)

5. Staten Island Yankee Game (Dave)

6. Sleep No More (Dan)

7. Smorgasburg in Brooklyn (Caitlin)

8. Upright Citizens Brigade (Kater)

9. Attend a book signing (Kater)

10. Go to a NY Fashion Week Show (CK)

11. Go to the top of the Empire State Building (Katie)

12. Take a ride on a speedboat around the city (Nicole)

13. Go to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Carrie)

14. Go to the Moth (Davesh)

15. Go to Raines Law Room (Brad)

16. Eat at a four-star restaurant (Caitlin)

17. Eat at Numero 28 Pizza (Janna)

18. Go to Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater (David)

19. Go to the Museum of the Moving Image (Christie)

20. Go to Dylan’s Candy Bar (Kat)

21. Take the tram to Roosevelt Island (Mendy)

22. Eat from food trucks for an entire weekend (Emily)

23. Go to Strand Bookstore (Aubrey)

24. Take trapeze lessons (Kat)

25. Go to Arthur Ave (Caitlin)

26. Eat at Burger Joint (Mendy)

27. Walk the entire length of Broadway (Caitlin)

28. Take a bird-watching tour in Central Park (Ma)

I did it! Here’s my summary of my experiences. Thank you all for your suggestions and support!