The Netherlands | Amsterdam Adventures

Hi friends! I have returned from my autumn adventure in Europe. I was visiting my friend Davesh who moved to Amsterdam in August (as you may remember). It was such a good trip! The city of Amsterdam is AWESOME. If you can imagine this, I would actually consider living there if NYC ever decided that it was finished with me. And if I lived there, I would absolutely want to live on a houseboat.

NYC | A Weird Experience

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and I traveled to the Lower East Side to the New Museum to explore Carsten Höller’s: Experience. We heard about this particular exhibit because of the chatter around a giant slide in the museum. We didn’t know much about it otherwise, but knew that if there was some sort of slide in the museum that people were talking about, we wanted to be on that slide.

NYC | Best New Artist Award

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I took *another* class together, a BYOB painting class at Paint Along NYC. We bought a deal somewhere online for $22 classes, but regular classes are $45. It was AWESOME. We were able to pick which painting we wanted to do on the online calendar and decided on a Monet-like waterlily one.