NYC | When on Arthur Ave

In my experience, the best way to reward yourself for a job well done is with food. As a reward for a successful trapeze lesson, Caitlin and Tyler picked Kat and me up at Pier 40 last Saturday and we drove to Arthur Ave in the Bronx together. This was, well what do ya know, another item on my 28 Things, suggested by Caitlin.

NYC | Erin in Monet’s Garden

One of my favorite books growing up was the fabulous Linnea in Monet’s Garden, about a girl who traveled to Giverny, France and visited Monet’s house and gardens. I have been a huge Monet fan since childhood, when I dressed like what I thought an artist/poet looked like for a year of my life.

NYC | Angel is in the Outfield

I never really followed any sports on television, the main reason being my short attention span, but I really like going to sports games in person. I’m supposed to like Philly sports since I’m from South Jersey, but for reasons I will not disclose here, I personally try to avoid everything about Philadelphia except for Ben Franklin and cheesesteaks. I actually got glared at on the beach this summer at home for wearing my Mets hat…