South Africa | My 10+2 Favorite Meals in Cape Town

I was pretty excited to travel to South Africa. Not only would it be my first time on the continent of Africa, the farthest south I’d ever been, and an escape from an east-coast winter – I was excited to eat. I’d heard about the food scene in Cape Town, with fellow travelers recommending specific restaurants to make reservations for weeks or months in advance. My friends and I neglected to do this, but we still found many a gem. Like Brooklyn, Cape Town is full of creative, entrepreneurial people doing their own thing – from gourmet mayonnaise to gin ice cream, so you have your pick of unique spots. Below are the best meals that I ate, a list which by no means encompasses the best meals in South Africa, but it’s a good starting point:

Montreal, Canada | What You Get For Waking Up in Montreal

Sometimes when I travel, I book a hotel deal in which breakfast is included. This usually works out well and I feel fueled for the day ahead and hit the ground running, but it is not the way I wanted to roll on our recent family jaunt to Montreal. As per usual, I received plenty of food recommendations from friends before heading to the Great White North. I quickly noticed a pattern from my list of suggestions – that the breakfast foods in Montreal were going to kick booty and I wanted in on all of it.

NYC | Doctor’s Orders: 3 Tompkins Square Bagels Meals a Day

I reward (bribe?) myself with food pretty frequently. The most recent deal I made with myself was that if I got up early on Saturday to do yoga in the East Village, I could go to Tompkins Square Bagels afterward. The quality of this reward definitely outweighed the small sacrifice of a few hours of sleep.

NYC | Older Than I’ve Ever Been

Sorry for my absence, folks. I spent a lot of time at the end of April trying to get over the fact that I was turning 27 celebrating my 27th birthday. My birthWEEK was fabulous and included many more festivities than I deserve but I appreciated it all greatly. I have the best friends you could ever imagine.

NYC | Friends with Benefits

I am ridiculously lucky to have such amazing friends in the city. I am even luckier that some of my friends (via their jobs) have been able to get me into some cool events, provide me with free tickets to shows, or get me some free grub. Why else would I keep these crazy kids around?

NYC | The Best Cure for a Hangover…Brunch

Since I’ve moved to my new apartment, I’ve actually only been to brunch (gasp) twice. Before you shun me and say I am not a real New Yorker, please understand that I was out of town a few weekends early on and the rest of the weekends I have eaten my own homemade just-add-water Bisquick pancakes. They are pretty legit, I will not lie, but the past two Sundays I have ventured out and treated myself to some even more glorious eats.