Los Angeles, CA | A Sunset in Venice Beach

December in New York usually stinks weather-wise, so when I had the opportunity to head to Los Angeles that month, I jumped on it. By the time my trip came around, it wasn’t that cold in New York, but I was still happy to be heading west for a few days. With all my dreams of being an actress/singer/gameshow host (without working toward these dreams AT ALL), you’d think I’d have been to LA at some point, but I’d only previously been to LAX for a few hours before flying to Hawaii.

NYC | Because You’re Ainsworth It

A few nights ago, Kater and I went to check out the new menu at Ainsworth Park, on 18th and Park. This space is huge and super trendy, perfect for the post-work crowd. There appears to be a room to the side that can be rented out, which Kater and I guessed was holding a singles mixer of sorts the night of our visit.

NYC | Home of the Good Burger

Mendy and I met up for lunch on Sunday to catch up and also to complete one of the last items on my 28 Things list, one that he suggested, to eat “the best burger in NYC” at Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian.

NYC | Why Winter Needs to End, Pt. 2

I can’t even remember the last time I wore something aside from my (awesome) Hunter snowboots outside. Oh, wait, I do remember, it was the day after Christmas, when I bought them in the middle of the first snowstorm. Can it please stop snowing?! Can tomorrow’s snow forecast please turn into lemondrops and gumdrops instead? This is getting ridiculous. I am getting upset and I need to talk about something happy immediately. Oh, I know…

NYC | Yay Holiday Visitors!

Yesterday, Caitlin, Tyler, and I played “tour guide” to some of our friends from school who came up for the day. It was super fun and filled with lots of walking, holiday decorations, and good food (Caitlin always knows *the best* places to get special treats). Julie had two goals of the day, 1) to get Bobby to repropose to her in front of the tree in Rockefeller Center in front of strangers (lol) and 2) go ice skating – which, if you remember, is also on *my* holiday to-do list. Unfortunately, neither of these goals was achieved. Bobby respectfully refused to repropose and we ran into ridiculously long lines at all the ice rinks.