Charleston, SC | Martha Lou’s Kitchen

As my cousins and I have been texting back and forth all week about where we want need to eat on our trip to Austin this upcoming MLK weekend, I realized I am a little delayed in writing about our food adventures from our last cousin’s trip in the lovely town of Charleston, South Carolina.

While we had amazing meals at some of the most well-known restaurants in town – Husk, Hominy Grill, Pearlz Oyster Bar, to name a few – there was one place that stood out most to me. That one place enters my thoughts weekly, an entire year later. That one place is Martha Lou’s.

2015 Resolution. Check.

It seems that I make resolutions on a weekly basis. Because I am ridiculously hard on myself (as even my Fluent City French teacher pointed out during my third class), I’m always picking things out that I should do better and things I should stop doing. “Always be a work in progress” has been a quote on my Facebook profile since college. But last year for my *official* 2015 resolution, I chose something that wouldn’t make me feel bad about myself and wouldn’t make me question my past mistakes. The resolution, the goal, was to explore 15 new places during the year of ’15.

My Favorite Ghost Stories

I don’t love Halloween. Growing up, I was scared by *everything* and I didn’t like wearing a turtleneck underneath all my costumes due to the temperature. Nowadays, I *almost* enjoy being scared, though I still hate turtlenecks and when adults go to the store and buy a full costume instead of being creative and making one.

Charleston, SC | A Ghost Tour of the Old Charleston Jail {or} “Jailhouse Shock”

I was thrilled that a few of my frousins wanted to go to Charleston with me over MLK weekend and, even better, that they agreed to partake in a ghost tour while there. We had a number of choices, but decided on a Bulldog Tour of the Charleston Jail – which happened to be at night, and happened to be a situation where we’d basically be trapped inside with the spirits. Good thing I didn’t think about this too much beforehand, or I may not have gone.