NYC | One Day You’re In, And the Next Day You’re Out

It is currently NY Fashion Week, which is why Fashion’s Night Out was Thursday. This event happens twice a year, in September, to showcase designers’ upcoming Spring collections, and in February, to showcase the upcoming Fall collections. CK challenged me to go to a NY Fashion Week Show as part of my 28 Things, and she had specified that it couldn’t be part of Fashion’s Night Out and had to be a real show.

NYC | FNO 2012: A Fashion Don’t

The gals from work and I had *so* much fun at Fashion’s Night Out last year. We waited in front of Dash to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian (sorry), went to tons of stores’ parties in Soho, and were pretty well fed with appetizers and champagne all night long.

NYC | Keeping Up

I’m kind of embarrassed to write this next post. You guys know I have a thing for seeing and taking pictures of celebrities. I equate it to wanting your own picture of Machu Picchu or one of you with the Great Pyramids. But I can’t really compare Kim Kardashian and DJ Pauly D to wonders of the world.

NYC | xoxo Gossip Girl

The weather hasn’t really been that nice in NYC but that has not stopped me from putting away my winter coats and donning my *bright* blue trench which I am in lurve with. Girls usually compliment me by saying they love it, and boys usually compliment (?) me by saying it is really bright and giving me a weird look. I then proceed to brag about how it inspired a look on Gossip Girl.