Italy | 5 Movies to Watch Before Traveling to Rome

Rome is a magical place where magical things happen. There are few modern cities with so much ancient history. There are few cities with such history that also have some of the most iconic food in the world. There are few cities with as many opportunities to make wishes in fountains or in churches. Hollywood clearly feels the same way that I do about the eternal city. Here are some of my favorite (and one not-so-favorite) movies that have featured Rome, not just as a setting, but as another character:

NYC | You’re Better than Buttered Popcorn

I’m not a huge fan of seeing movies in theaters. I don’t like sitting still (especially with both feet on the floor) or being inside for too long. The main appeal of a movie-going for me is the opportunity to devour baked pretzel nuggets dipped in cheese during the previews. BUT I’ve just discovered, per recommendation by Aubrey, a theater that may change all of this.

NYC | You Oughta be in Pictures

For a few years in high school, I was convinced I was going to become a famous film director. I had made several films with my frousins, neighbors, and in school. I had a notebook full of opening scenes for movies. I practiced my Oscar speech in the mirror. This dream eventually went the way of other dreams, like being in the Olympics, becoming Miss America, and being elected the first female president.

NYC | How I Met Ted Mosby

Okay, well, I didn’t meet him, per se, but I did see him. And okay, well, of course I didn’t see him per se, but I did see Josh Radnor, the actor who plays him on How I Met Your Mother. In addition to being Ted Mosby, Josh has acted and directed in two Sundance-acclaimed films, “happythankyoumoreplease” (which I really enjoyed and you should all put into your Netflix queues) and “Liberal Arts” which comes to theaters this month. I found out on Twitter that Josh was speaking at the Soho Apple Store in their “Meet the Filmmaker” series on Wednesday and I decided to go check it out.

NYC | Mondays, Music, & Movies

It is really necessary to get out of the city in the summer once in a while as I mentioned before in my Hahhhhmptons post, especially when it is as consistently hot (read: sweaty and gross) as it has been the past few weeks. Luckily, for those of us who still need to be in the city during the week, there are lots of fun outdoor events to reward you for sticking it out in the hot hot concrete jungle. Two of these events are Central Park’s Summer Stage and the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Last Monday I did the former, this Monday (today) I did the latter.

NYC | I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me

This week, I pretty much should have worked for US Weekly. I don’t know why, but I was stalking stars all over the place. And like I talked about in my Gossip Girl post, I am *sooooooo* not a cool New Yorker when it comes to celebs and I really don’t care.

NYC | Many Leatherbound Books & Rich Mahogany

Since I work in TriBeCa, I have become excited about The TriBeCa Film Festival the last two years. Not necessarily because of the films (I have a really short attention span and basically watch three movies a year), but because of the celebrity sighting potential (as I mentioned here, I am not a cool New Yorker when it comes to this).