Kauai, Hawaii | An Attempt at Athleticism: Hiking the Na Pali Coast

I like to say that I’m outdoorsy. I’d definitely rather be outside than inside, at least between the months of March and November. With that said, my activities while outside are not necessarily what others might consider outdoorsy. As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of a someecards from a number of years ago:

NYC | With the Greatest of Ease

I cannot even explain the pain I was in on Saturday and Sunday…and actually through ’til Wednesday… All because of maybe ten total minutes of exercise on Saturday. You may think this is pathetic, and you would be correct, but a few days of pain is the norm for someone who takes trapeze lessons at the Trapeze School of New York, on Pier 40.

NJ | You Can’t Spell Frousin without R-U-N

A lot of items end up on my to-do lists in order to redeem myself for times when I was younger and things didn’t work out how I wanted them to. For example, on my 25 List was “a successful ski trip” as redemption for falling a few times and giving up pretty quickly on the eighth grade ski trip. An item on my 26 List was to run a 5K. I joined the high school track team to enhance my college resume but it resulted in me feeling awful about myself for four straight springs for being the slowest person in the history of the team.

NYC | Wear Two Socks (in case you get a hole in one)

One of the thousands of things I love about NYC is that people have really thought about what city life is missing and they’ve developed places for city dwellers to experience the joys that suburban life holds without having to drive over a bridge or through a tunnel (the horror). For example, the city developers way back when deciding that Central Park needed to be in existence, or the offering of kayaking on the Hudson, or the sports facilities available at Chelsea Piers.

NYC | Just around the Riverbend

My parents came to visit this weekend and I was so excited to spend my Saturday with them. I won’t be able to make it home for the rest of the month because of my charity event and two weddings and I was at my college reunion last weekend. It was so nice of them to drive up so that I didn’t have to travel two weekends in a row because I get overwhelmed with things like that easily. I’m working on it. So we celebrated Father’s Day a weekend early and did the item my dad suggested for my 28 Things list yesterday.

NYC | Run Like the Wind!

Last weekend, I had the honor of watching over 45,000 runners race across the city in pursuit of finishing the NYC Marathon. I was out of town last year for the marathon, and this was my first year watching on the sidelines which happened to be a perfect year for cheering.

NYC | I Want to Ride my Bicycle

On Sunday, while sitting outside having brunch, my friend kept saying that he wanted to ride bikes. It was so beautiful outside. I kept just giggling about the image of us on bicycles after a 14-year hiatus. I was kind of taking his suggestion as a joke, but he kept insisting on it and I realized he was actually serious.

NYC | Blades of Glory

Today I was able to knock yet another item off my 26 list. This item was also actually on my Holiday To-Do List (President’s Day counts as a holiday, right?!) AND my NYC To-Do List – is that cheating? I had a successful ice skating experience at Citi Pond at Bryant Park this morning!