India | When I’m Out on Food Street

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s read this blog before that I LOVE street food. If you’ve been reading long enough, you may even remember when I went for a whole weekend in NYC eating exclusively from food trucks, thanks to a challenge from one of my cousins. When I found out that there was an entire street dedicated to street food in Bangalore and that it was even conveniently named Food Street (or Thindi Beedi), I knew I had to spend a night there.

Guadeloupe | 3 Must-Have Dining Experiences

While my family and I may not have spent as much time in Guadeloupe as we wish we had, we were able to fit in a variety of activities and experiences in our few days there. And when I travel, a lot of the experiences tend to be food-related. We ate some great meals at our hotels – the Langley Resort Fort Royal and Auberge de la Vieille – but we also explored the food scene a bit outside. Here are three of our favorite dining experiences:

Austin, TX | Something to Taco-bout

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go on a trip with my lady frousins for the second MLK weekend in a row. Last year, we visited Charleston, South Carolina to eat our faces off and to have the be-Yeezus scared out of us by ghosts in a jail. This year, the crew headed to Austin, Texas to eat just as much, but with zero ghost encounters on the agenda. Here’s what we were able to fit in our bellies:

Hawaii | Seven Foods I Ate in Heaven

On your first day in Hawaii, your tummy will probably look good in your bikini due to stepping up your gym routine right before the trip. On your last day in Hawaii, this may not be the case because you’ve probably been stuffing yourself silly with fish and shaved ice. Some of the best things we ate on our island adventures are below:

NYC | Meals on Wheels

Most items on my 28 Things have been one-timers, things that, once finally scheduled with the people who have been dying to do them with me, only take a few hours. This list item was more of a challenge than that. Emily suggested that I eat food trucks for the entire weekend – three meals a day, each day of the weekend, only from food trucks, but because Emily knows me so well, I was allowed to supplement with late night cheese fries if I found it necessary to do so (which I did on Saturday night). Challenge accepted.

NYC | You’re Such a Waffler.

I suppose my obsession with food carts has been made public by this point. A particular food truck I follow on Twitter (@waffletruck aka Wafels & Dinges) has been tempting me for a few weeks now. So when my roomie texted me to tell me that there was a truck hanging out right near our apartment, I decided I would go today. But while checking out the website, I saw that it was only supposed to be there until 5, but that another truck would be on 6th and 21st until 10 pm. I took the E train up from work with my friend Jon and we both got a delightful little treat – even though the truck was parked at 7th and 21st instead. Check here for locations as it changes daily.

NYC | Street Meat

If there is one thing New Yorkers like to do, it’s wait in line (or “on line” depending on who you talk to). Tonight I waited in the line for “the best Halal cart in NYC”. The cart is on the corner of 53rd and 6th, in front of Lou’s Diner. I was advised not to go until 7:30 because that is when they do “something” – looks like either a changeover of the employees or of the food and by that time, the line was already forty deep. I got there around 7:20 and Nicole and Dave joined me a few minutes later. Once 7:30 rolled around, the line moved really quickly.

NYC | Cake & Shake it a Baby Now, Shake it a Baby

Basically the first thing people learn about me is that I really, really, really like cupcakes. Multiple people have recommended that I be a cupcake for Halloween (this was not the winning costume decision). Some of my favorite things to do in NYC are to: try out new cupcake places, eat cupcakes, talk about cupcakes, make cupcakes, bathe in cupcakes, etc. Therefore, I have decided I should share my favorite cupcake places with my readers (aka Mom & George) so that you all know where to go when you need to suck up to me / apologize to me.