NYC | Chasing Down Some Cheap Eats

Sometimes I have an obsessive personality. In 7th grade, it was Beanie Babies. In 9th grade, it was ‘N Sync. So far this month, it has been the New York Magazine Cheap Eats issue. I’m talking OBSESSED. As in, I may have made my own spreadsheet with categories of Borough, ‘Hood, Cuisine, and what the magazine suggested to order there. If you are nice to me, maybe I will share, if you then promise to go to one (or several) of the establishments with me.

NYC | Because You’re Ainsworth It

A few nights ago, Kater and I went to check out the new menu at Ainsworth Park, on 18th and Park. This space is huge and super trendy, perfect for the post-work crowd. There appears to be a room to the side that can be rented out, which Kater and I guessed was holding a singles mixer of sorts the night of our visit.

NYC | This Land was Made for We and Me

One of my favorite things about New York is that you can find art anywhere. A few years back, I wrote about an awesome installation in Madison Square Park: Jim Campbell’s “Scattered Lights.” Although I try to make an effort to walk through this park every weekend, I haven’t given a ton of thought to the different art installations there recently. But yesterday, as I sat on a bench attempting to study for my Series 79, I got a little distracted by people walking up to three water towers in the grass behind me – it’s not hard to distract me.

NYC | Big Lights Will Inspire You

Tonight I decided I needed to go to Madison Square Park (23rd and Madison). Normally, when I go to this cutesy wootsie park in Gramercy, it is so that I can stand in line for an hour and a half (because, as I mentioned Wednesday, New Yorkers LOVE to stand in line) and spend $20 at a hamburger stand. But, for the record, it is the best burger joint in the whole entire world and is totally worth it and I’m sure I’ll dedicate an entry (or an entire website) to SHAKE SHACK soon.