NYC | The Best Idea I’ve Had Since ’10

I am brilliant.

On Saturday night (okay, Sunday morning) I had the greatest hot dog I’ve ever had. Some friends and I were downtown after going out and went to a diner. We decided not to pay $12 for soup so we got up without ordering and walked out, in search of a pizza place. Instead, I remembered that we were right near Crif Dogs, which my coworkers have been telling me to try for about a year now.

NYC | Paradise Island

This morning, I found an article in the NY Times that made me decide to reminisce about my trip to Coney Island this past summer. “Coney Island Loses Longtime Boardwalk Vendors” discusses how nine businesses on the Coney Island boardwalk, some that could be considered staples, are being forced to shut down. On our trip, we had been to Beer Island, taken pictures of Paul’s Daughter (in honor of our friend Paul), and made fun of Shoot the Freak (yes, this is actually a game on the boardwalk which involves a man running around a course with a shield and mask while children shoot paintballs at him…)