Get More NYC | The “Drunk History” of the Statue of Liberty

If you haven’t yet seen the Comedy Central show “Drunk History” – get on that ASAP. The basic premise is ridiculously drunk people passionately telling stories of American history, which are then acted out by celebs, but always dubbed in the drunk person’s voice. It’s incredible in every way. This week’s episode took place in NYC and we got this little gem out of it about the Statue of Liberty, which I visited with my frousins on a lovely fall day a few years back.

NYC | Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

NYC is expensive. No one will argue this, especially not me as I just signed a new apartment lease (yay!). But, just as I believe the city tries to make up for urban life by bringing us suburban experiences, it also tries to make up for the cost of living by offering tons of free events. One of these free events is every Sunday night at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Another is Summer Stage in Central Park, which recently featured UCB.

NYC | Harry Potter and the City that Never Sleeps

I didn’t anticipate when I started this blog that I would actually have a Harry Potter label as a way to organize my posts, but after the third blogpost about HP, I figure it’s actually useful. After all, in NYC I have experienced THE QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP and a display of props and costumes from the movies at Discovery Times Square.

NYC | Live, From New York

I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live every week since I was in high school, minus a hiatus in college when I didn’t have a VCR or DVR and actually had things to do on Saturday nights. I have to completely disagree with everyone who says that it’s not that funny anymore (and for some reason, lots of people say that without actually watching it). I think the cast in recent years has been incredible (hello?! Tina?! Jimmy?! Amy?!) and my favorites on the current cast are the fabulous Kristen Wigg, the adorable Seth Meyers, and my future husband, Andy Samberg (seriously, if anyone knows how to set this up, I’m down).

NYC | All That I’m After, Is a Life Full of Laughter

Last Thursday, on our second official Hoboken Crew Ladies Night, the gals and I decided to take in a comedy show. This was partly inspired by the comedian who we encountered on our first official Ladies Night. He shall remain nameless, but I think it should be noted that on his official website, there are three images of him dancing back and forth like a metronome, and his events calendar was last updated in 2009.

NYC | On the Daily

This blog is slowly making me reveal my 26 Things to Do Before I Turn 26 “bucket list.” I am now just over halfway through the list but already 3/4ths way through the year. I will need to go into extreme goal-accomplishing very soon. Any help would be much appreciated.