Montreal, Canada | My Bologna Has a Last Name, it’s Wilensky

Montreal is a city for foodies. Many of the recommendations I’d received from friends were for champagne bars and fancy French restaurants with several courses, foie gras, and lots of dollar signs on their yelp pages. But one of the best meals we had in Montreal was significantly more lowbrow than those establishments. I was told to explore the Mile End neighborhood, and I found a nearby place called Wilensky’s Light Lunch to drag my family to one afternoon.

Montreal, Canada | What You Get For Waking Up in Montreal

Sometimes when I travel, I book a hotel deal in which breakfast is included. This usually works out well and I feel fueled for the day ahead and hit the ground running, but it is not the way I wanted to roll on our recent family jaunt to Montreal. As per usual, I received plenty of food recommendations from friends before heading to the Great White North. I quickly noticed a pattern from my list of suggestions – that the breakfast foods in Montreal were going to kick booty and I wanted in on all of it.