My Favorite Ghost Stories

I don’t love Halloween. Growing up, I was scared by *everything* and I didn’t like wearing a turtleneck underneath all my costumes due to the temperature. Nowadays, I *almost* enjoy being scared, though I still hate turtlenecks and when adults go to the store and buy a full costume instead of being creative and making one.

New Orleans, LA | What I Miss Most {The Chargrilled Oysters!}

By now you may be tired of me still writing about my trip to New Orleans earlier this year, but I really felt one with the city. I’ve already written about all the amazing sandwiches we ate, the incredible bars we spent time in, and the fantastic cemetery tour we went on. And I enjoyed even more of the city than what I’ve written about – the beignets, the blue skies, and the bands in the streets. But what I’ve missed the absolute most is chargrilled (also called charbroiled) oysters. Two months later, I cannot stop thinking about them.

New Orleans, LA | Beyond Bourbon Street

If you are on spring break and age 21, you will LOVE New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street. But everyone I asked for recommendations from told me to stay away. Bourbon Street is fun, if all you’re doing is drinking your face off, but it’s not real New Orleans. It’s neon lights, 3-for-1 beers, and top 40/hip-hop music. Below are some of the best drinking establishments I went to in NOLA that are not on Bourbon, plus two that *are* actually on it. Don’t think about it too much.