Product Review | Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender Bag

If there’s one thing I wish I had with me in Myanmar, aside from a personal wifi hotspot, it’s my Lo & Sons Catalina weekender bag. I thought about bringing it and it would have fit so nicely folded up in my large suitcase, but I thought I would just be taking weekend trips and would be able to fit everything in my backpack. Little did I know, instead, I’d be taking a full fifteen-day trip in the middle of my time in Yangon. I didn’t want to bring my full suitcase, because I’d be traveling on small planes, shared taxis, and a small ferry, so I loaded up my backpack and my Longchamp and hit the road. I ended up buying so many souvenirs and snacks and perhaps not packing as well as I did on my first try that it evolved into me carrying three bags around with me, which was kind of annoying.

Product Review | Painless Packing with Vacay Style

I’m one of those people who feels “off” if I don’t have a trip on the horizon. I absolutely LOVE planning my travels, but that’s probably not a surprise to anyone reading this. I’m constantly looking at maps, flight schedules, and my friends’ travel blogs, deciding where to go next. But there’s one piece of getting ready for a trip that I don’t love – packing.